Contracted Work

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686, Academy Snowboards, Arbor Snowboards, Ashbury Eyewear, Barracuda Championship, Beyond Medals, Bubs Naturals, Burton Snowboards, Capita Snowboards, Core Nation, Corona Premier, Curator Publisher, Death Label Snowboards, Death Lens, Deluxe Boots, Elm Company, Electric California, FIX Bindings, Flux Bindings, Fungtion, Gnarly Clothing, GNU Snowboards, Gondak Cellars Wine, Healthy Planet Project, Heckler Magazine, HOWL Gloves, Ice Cream Canteen, IVGID, Jones Snowboards, JuneShine, K2 Snowboards, Kilroy Vintage, Lib Tech Snowboards, Lobster Snowboards, Method Magazine, Mike Smith Live, New York Times, Nidecker Snowboards, Niima, Nokian Tyres, NOW Bindings, NUG, Obermeyer, OutdoorTech, Pat Moore LLC, Pineapple Labs, Public Snowboards, REVERT Foundation, Ride Snowboards, Sierra Adventure Vehicles, Signal Snowboards, Sims Snowboards, Sketchy Tank, Slush Magazine, Smoking' Snowboards, Snowboard Magazine, Snowboarder Mag, Snowboy Productions, Spark R&D, Spring Break Snowboards, Stepchild Snowboards, Stinky Socks, Tahoe Bliss Boat Charters, Tahoe Mountain Realty, Tanner Hall, ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots, Transworld Snowboarding, Union Bindings, United Shapes Snowboards, Von Zipper, Verts, Vida Mate, Visit California, Volcom Goggles, Volcom Snow, Woodward Corporate, Woodward PeacePark, Woodward Tahoe, YES Snowboards

Volcom GPT

A collection of photos from a 5 day camping trip to Blue Lakes, Ca to document the new Volcom GPT (Guide Proven Technology) line. Photos can also be found at


The Candle Collection by Arbor Snowboards, Designed by Pat Moore

A collection of photos shot for Pat Moore's new Candle Collection with Arbor Snowboards. Photos can also be found at

2023_Candle_Contract_collage_JakePollock copy.jpg

2023 ACC at Edgewood Tahoe with Corona Premiere

I was hired by Corona Premiere to document (photo & video) the ACC Celebrity golf tournament activations, product, signage, athletes, and celebrities.

2023 Woodward Tahoe Summer Mtn Bike Series

I was hired to cover the 3rd Summer Mtn Bike Series

  • 2023_Woodward_SummerMtnBikeRace_1_JakePollock_Collage4Web.jpg

Hunter Pence's, Owner and Creator of The Healthy Planet Project, First Ever Surf 'n' Serve

I was hired to shoot photo and video of the first and hopefully annual Surf 'n' Serve.


Alexis Pence, and friends, Goes to Great America

I was hired to shoot photo and video for the #ForTheFunOfIt campaign.


Jones Snowboards Recycled Board Project

I was hired by Jones Snowboards to shoot the packing up of a few pallets of broken snowboards. These snowboards are to be sent back to the factory to be recycled and reused into a new line of recycled snowboards

  • 2023_JonesSnowboards_RecycleBoardProject_JakePollock_Collage4Web.jpg

2023 Woodward Peace Park Opening

I was hired to photograph a 2 day private shoot in Peace Park with Danny Davis and other local talent.

  • 2023_Boreal_PeacePark_DannyXBlotto_Collage_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2023_Boreal_WoodwardPeacePark_Collage_JakePollock.jpg

Hunter Pence's Earth Day Extravaganza

I was hired to photograph Hunter Pence lead an Earth Day, presented by June Shine, clean up in downtown San Francisco.


Sierra Adventure Vehicles - Coffee & Gear Day

I was hired by SAV to document (photo & video) their first coffee and gear community lesson day.

Tony Hawk Birdhouse K2 Snowboard Campaign

Last spring I was hired by K2 to shoot the new Tony Hawk Birdhouse board for the fall release with Pat Moore. This content was never used as Pat left K2 to start Candle Snowboards a few months later

  • 2022_K2_Mammoth_Collage4Web_JakePollock.jpg

Jones Snowboards BTS Design Shoot

Jones Snowboard co-founder Tiffany Jones and Head Birgisdottir behind the scenes designing the for woman by woman outerwear line

  • 2023_JonesSnowboards_InHouseDesignCrewAtWork_BTS_JakePollock.jpg

It's Tits with Jones Snowboards

I was hired by Jones Snowboards to document the girls team as they ripped and flipped through the 2022 Snowboy Productions It's Tits at Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood

  • 2022_Jones_Crew_ItsTits_Collage.jpg

Gondak Cellars Arneis Wine Label

Commissioned photo for the new Arneis wine label by Gondak Cellars.

2022 Arneis F.jpg

Core Nation Boreal/Woodward Tahoe Stop

On December 18th, pro snowboarder Erik Leon hosted the 1st stop of the 22/23 season at Boreal Mountain California. This rail jam series is to raise awareness and money for local non-profits in the outdoor community

  • 2022_CoreNation_Boreal:Woodward_Collage_Shot4ErikLeon_JakePollock.jpg

Camp Woodward Season 12 BTS

I was hired to shoot behind the scenes action, portraits, and film indoor drone overview shots of The Bunker training facility for the show. This seasons cast included the talents of Julian Jeang-Agliardi, Kristion Jordan, Kendra Long, and Mia Lovell, along with Ryan Sheckler and the Sandlot Times crew

  • Untitled-2 copy.jpg
  • 2022_WoodwardCamp_Crew_1_JakePollock.jpg

2021 Holy Bowly Timberline Lodge - Snowboy Productions

I was hired by Snowboy Productions to photograph the event


Volcom Goggles 2021

I was hired to film and document the team Volcom Goggles team riders and put together a video for the following seasons marketing campaign soft launch for the brand. Team riders at the time included Christian Connors, Mike Rav, and Scott Blum.

Barracuda Championship 2021

Photo coverage of the Barracuda Championship PGA tour Fedex Cup Qualifier at Old Greenwood in Truckee, California.

  • 2021_BarracudaChampionship_ErikVanRooyan_TheChamp_Collage_JakePollock copy.jpg

Gondak Cellars Grenache Wine Label

Commissioned photo for the new Grenache wine label by Gondak Cellars.


JuneShine Presents Pick Up With Pence

I was hired to photograph Hunter Pence's first community trash pick up day. This was also Hunters inauguration as a JuneShine ambassador.


IVGID (Incline Village General Improvement District) Product Photography & Videography

From September 2021-22 I was contracted by IVGID to produce content at Diamond Peak Ski Resort in the Winter, the Championship and Mountain Course Golf Courses in the Spring/Summer/Fall, the beaches, rec center, etc... Pretty much everything recreational in Incline is through IVGID... all for website, email, social media and quarterly IVGID magazine usage.


JuneShine Variety Pack

A series of images created for a JuneShine Variety Pack featuring a new flavor.


New York Times - Woman in the Ski Industry

February 2021, I photographed 3 woman ski patrollers at Diamond Peak Ski Resort for a New York Times feature about the surge of woman ski patrollers in the ski industry.

The article made it to print as well as online, the link below will direct you to the web version:


Ride 4 Jake Day at Boreal California/Woodward Tahoe

Photo content of snowboarders participating in the event to honor the recent loss of, Jake Burton Carpenter; for Burton Snowboards.


Electric at Methodology

Photo content of Pat Moore and Christian Connors wearing new Electric goggles for social media and web purposes.

  • Methodology_Collage2.jpg

Mike Smith Live 

Photo Coverage of Mike Smith at CADA/CASL2020 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada,

  • 2020_MikeSmith_CASL2020_Collage_1_JakePollock.jpg

2019 Holy Bowly Mammoth - Snowboy Productions

Snowboy Productions hired me to photograph the event

  • 2019_HolyBowly_Pano_Poster_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_CaseySavage_Backlip_ClamShell_OververtQuarter_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_JJWesterbury_OlliePoke_SharkFinGap_Mammoth_JakePollock copy.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_TylerF_Fish_Hip_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_MarkusRustad_Frontrodeo7_ThroughTrees_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_BennyMilam_MillerFlip_Ariola_SpaceSHip_JakePollock_2.1.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_Pano_Poster_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_CaseySavage_Backlip_ClamShell_OververtQuarter_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_JJWesterbury_OlliePoke_SharkFinGap_Mammoth_JakePollock copy.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_TylerF_Fish_Hip_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_MarkusRustad_Frontrodeo7_ThroughTrees_JakePollock.jpg
  • 2019_HolyBowly_BennyMilam_MillerFlip_Ariola_SpaceSHip_JakePollock_2.1.jpg

Academy Gathering 2019 - Donner Ski Ranch

Photo content and drone videography.

2019_academygathering_collage_jakepollock copy.jpg

Electric California

Photo & video work for "Too Loose" 2020 marketing push for Christian Connors produced by Electric California. Edit: "Too Loose".


Tanner Hall in Tahoe

2019 photos of Tanner Hall in Lake Tahoe while filming for his new project "In The Meantime

Bronzed Age (Tahoe section) - Tor Lundstrom & Kevin Backstrom 2019 Film

3 weeks of photo/video work for Kevin and Tor's 2019 film, the Bronzed Age.

  • 2019_BronzedAge_Collage_Tor_Kevin_JakePollock.jpg

2019 Burton Qualifiers Stop 4 @ Boreal Mountain California

Long lens filmer for the rail jam recap

Woodward Tahoe/Boreal Mountain California

Contracted 8 months (September-April) from 2015-2019 doing photography, videography, and social media management. Please inquire for commercial video work.