About Jake


Growing up at the peak of a hill in the North Bay Area offered a diverse landscape for a young artists eyes to set feast on. I was born into a family of artists, a theater consultant and an encaustic artist, that influenced my creative side as a youngster. Even though my parents medium consists of pen's, paper, wax and canvas' - all I needed was a camera and a roll of 35mm film to share my story.

Growing up my passion for sports were very strong. Whether it be surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, baseball, basketball etc... I loved them all. As my competitive athletic career came to a hault towards the end of High School; my passion for sports shifted to another side of the lens. I noticed I could look at these activities in a whole new way that would allow me to share my vision through my images. Ever since then, my camera has been by my side, helping me share my experiences with the world.

Ever since my camera became my sidekick, my passion for photography has grown immensely from analog to digital to video. Whether I'm shooting landscapes, portraits, action shots or product, there isn't a single aspect of this process I don't love. It isn't just a passion, it's my way of life.

I now reside in Truckee, Ca and work in the marketing department at Woodward Tahoe/Boreal Mountain as the Social Media, Content Coordinator and Photographer during the winter and freelance during summers. Head over to my Contact page to get a hold of me.